OpsStream® is a better choice than manual management of your business in Excel® or Access®, and is better than custom software because it is more powerful, more flexible, more secure, and is a proven platform, costs less and can be configured in days instead of months.

Custom software brings many risks, including the risk of spending time and money on a project only to find that it does not meet expectations. OpsStream® eliminates these risks because you can run a live pilot of your working solution in days, with minimal financial commitment.

OpsStream provides a real-time view of operational truth: instead of scrambling to figure out the status of work or to make subjective assessments of opportunities for improvement, you can use OpsStream to see a comprehensive view of all work in your organization, with real-time quantifiable metrics and operational audit trails. No more guess work, no more excuses--just reliable, reproducible efficiency.

Make it Work

You know how your business should work.

We know how to make it work that way.

Our OpsStream® software and our services will get your business working better than ever.

How it Works

OpsStream® is the web-based software you need to improve all work in your business.

It manages all the data your workers need, tells workers what to do at exactly the right time, and tracks all results.