Building custom software can take months...and even years. And at the end of that investment of time you may or may not have something that actually meets your current needs.

Even selecting and implementing other business management software such as accounting, ERP, or CRM solutions can take months. These too carry a risk of not meeting your actual needs: many companies (some surveys say more than 50%) are dissatisfied with their ERP systems.

OpsStream is different. With OpsStream you truly can implement the solution you need in literally days. What's more, you can configure and re-configure the system any time you want, without programming or cost.

How is this possible? OpsStream's unique configure-on-the-fly capabilities allow rapid creation of the initial configuration. Data can be directly imported from Excel, databases, or other sources of business data you may have. Even without doing anything else you then have something of real value: you have centralized data, properly secured, accessible via a browser, with robust access control and audit trails.

Once you have your data in place you can create the process definitions that will orchestrate the doing in your business. Unlike most "workflow" solutions, OpsStream makes it easy to build, manage, and use even complex processes without creating any diagrams! OpsStream uses a hierarchical "to-do list" metaphor that allows rapid creation of processes--even those that involve conditional branching, system completions, iterative execution, calculated due dates, and much more.