OpsStream software has been used continuously by hundreds of users at number of companies in a variety of industries ever since it was introduced in 2008. Actually, this doesn't do the product justice: multiple $30 million+ revenue companies have depended on OpsStream to manage very busy business-critical operations like high-volume make-to-order manufacturing, order lifecycle management, and high-volume public web site back ends.

Besides orchestrating the activities of people and securely managing data, OpsStream has been controlling computerized manufacturing machinery, sending and receiving voice calls and SMS messages, hosting and consuming web services, and interacting with ERP systems to do even crazy things like initiating high-volume inventory backflush transactions in response to barcode scans, where the bill of materials being backflushed is dynamically generated by OpsStream according to a user-administered engineering configurator for configured items.

In other words the software has been running and has been heavily used every hour of every business day since our live pilot in 2007.

We are pleased to now be able to offer full-service lean and process improvement support, including consulting, planning, project management, implementation, and ongoing monitoring and continuous improvement. OpsStream can get your business lean. Fast.

The best way to learn more about OpsStream is to contact us: we are happy to provide you specific information and online demonstrations tailored to your particular need.