Get OpsStream software to streamline your business.

Your business does things. With OpsStream® modern business management software you can do better.

OpsStream® is not accounting software, but is instead an operations orchestration platform for coordinating all work and operations data within your company. OpsStream gives real-time access to data, dashboards and to-do lists to each employee using a computer or mobile device.

The specific data and processes managed are completely configurable--all from a web browser.

Built on Microsoft SQL, OpsStream is enterprise-class power, aimed at mid-sized companies.

Whether you have a dozen or several hundred employees, OpsStream can help your company consistently execute better, with greater agility, increased quality, better visibility...all of which leads to happier customers and happier, more successful employees.

Business Orchestration

Replace Excel spreadsheets with secure structured data that can be securely accessed by appropriate employees.

Define processes (First do this, then do that, then do this other thing...) that are automatically launched for every order / ticket / projecct / "quest" that your company embarks on.

Where appropriate utilize dashboards, touch screens, barcode scanners, orchestrated communication, machine control, SOA orchestration, ERP integration, KPI displays, mobile technology and more.

Best of all, the software provides configure-on-the fly flexibility with no custom programming so that it can always meets your emerging needs.