Spreadsheets for financial calculations and forecasting are good. Spreadsheets for tracking projects, orders and other work are not good. Why?

Business-critical operational data is, well, critical to your business. How do you make sure everyone is looking at the latest spreadsheet? What if a spreadsheet gets lost? Damaged? Deleted? What if the person who maintains a complex spreadsheet is no longer available to support it? What if a spreadsheet with sensitive information were disclosed or even circulated outside your company?

The risks of spreadsheets for business-critical operational data are many, and they are significant.

OpsStream® can immediately--in just an hour or two--take all of the important data you have in your spreadsheets and make it available in a secure, reliable web application. This enables you to know with certainty that everyone is always looking at the latest data. You will know who changed what when. You can even know who accessed what when.

Why risk your business on spreadsheets when OpsStream® can eliminate those risks while providing you with extensive additional features?