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Reducing waste while increasing value requires improved processes.

Process improvement includes two facets: definition of improved processes, and improved execution of processes.

Defining improved processes involves value-stream mapping, documenting and diagramming, identifying waste (muda), and more. Traditional lean and process improvement consulting focuses on these things, but leaves actual execution or following of the process up to the company.

OpsStream® software addresses the second facet of process improvement: improved execution of processes.

Think of it like this: when going on a road trip you must select a destination and a route. This corresponds to defining improved processes.

Once you have a route selected, you can use turn-by-turn navigation on your GPS to efficiently follow that route and to identify any deviations. This corresponds to process execution.

OpsStream® provides turn-by-turn navigation for your operations. OpsStream will tell people what to do when, control machines, and coordinate integration across multiple systems. The software does all of this based on the defined processes: the process is a roadmap of what needs to be done, and OpsStream is the GPS device monitoring to make sure you are on track and telling you what turns to take next. The software also provides a history of what has been done, and a forward-looking view to what still needs to be done.

OpsStream can accept input from touchscreens, barcode scanners, sensors, ERP and CRM systems, web services, or most any other kind of data or event. Likewise OpsStream can deliver notifications, dashboards, and operational data to web browsers, touch screens, touch screens, email, SMS, voice calls, web services, ERP and CRM systems, or most any other kind of device or system.

The result is that you improve consistency and reproducibility, reduce waste, minimize exceptions and streamline resolution, speed hand-offs, gain quanitfiable operational metric, gain visibility, and automate repetitive tasks where human involvement does not produce added value.