RSI Home Products is a leading manufacturer of residential cabinetry that sells bathroom cabinets to Home Depot and Lowes nationally.

When it came time for RSI to spin off manufacturing of their kitchen cabinets and merge this manufacturing operation with their Professional Cabinet Solutions (PCS) division, RSI enlisted the support of OpsStream.

Previously, RSI was using JD Edwards OneWorld to manage manufacturing and accounting. The PCS division was using Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) for accounting, and wanted to utilize GP for manufacturing as well in view of GP’s lower cost and reduced complexity.

The PCS product line is made up of more than 34 million unique possible SKUs, of which less than 1 percent is actually sold annually. PCS needed to be able to support configured bills of materials (dynamically-created bills of materials based on product configuration rules) to avoid maintaining a large number of static BOMs and routings. By utilizing configured items PCS could manage materials and labor routings for all possible SKUs by maintaining rules for only 40 distinct product families—even though Great Plains does not natively provide this capability.

OpsStream allowed PCS to eliminate the use of JD Edward, while providing enhanced functionality of configured items, barcode production, barcode scanning, and touch-screen-based shop floor control.

OpsStream automatically generates purchase orders for all non-stock custom-order items, and transmits via EDI without human intervention. OpsStream also provides a touch-screen and barcode scanner-enabled shop floor control system that provides a company-wide real-time view of “operational truth”.

The resulting solution provided greater flexibility and functionality, and tremendously reduced software licensing and support costs. The PCS division could now continue to use Great Plains, while having full integration with OpsStream for the management of operational activities including manufacturing.