wanted to rapidly implement a robust, scalable website to deliver coupons to consumers from pharmaceutical companies. (Drug manufactures often issue “co-pay offset coupons” to help consumers reduce expense associated with their prescription medication.)

Initially the company viewed the project as a traditional web development project, and began obtaining proposals from web design and web development companies.

The company quickly realized that to meet their requirements through traditional web development would cost more money, consume more time, and result in a more limited solution than they were looking for.

Additionally, the proposed web development solutions would not address important internal operational requirements of managing the coupon repository, managing the sale and deployment of paid content on the site, and accumulating detailed data for complex analytical purposes.

OpsStream was able to offer an attractive alternative: by identifying that the coupon data and the related management were more than just web site content but were really operational in nature a robust, cost effective and highly scalable architecture was made possible in a short period of time.

On the back end, OpsStream provided an out-of-the-box solution for managing all necessary data and operational business processes, and provided a powerful framework for rapidly implementing specialized business logic—all without imposing limitations on the front end web environment.

OpsStream allowed the web development team to focus on presentation and visitor experience issues without worrying about creating the needed underlying database and management system. Standards-compliant best practices with complete flexibility could be fully embraced for front-end public-facing visitor interaction.

The result was a much more capable solution at a much lower cost and within a much shorter timeframe than the traditional web development proposals offered. What’s more, the solution was continually and incrementally demonstrable: no scary “dark” period of black-box development with uncertain results. From day one there was complete visibility on all aspects of the project.